Virtual Events & Judging

FOR Cheercon

Cheercon’s virtual offerings in 2021 will include two unique virtual events which will see teams from across Australia go head to head with heaps of exciting extras and some big surprises in store for athletes & viewers alike! Additionally, all Cheercon live events in 2021 will feature virtual judging services provided by the Cheercast team. 

How do Cheercon Virtual events work?

Pre-record your routines.

Programs record their routine and upload it to Cheercast using our secure uploading system.

World class judging panel.

Cheercast checks and loads all routines into our secure replay system (the same one we use for live competitions) and Cheercon provides access to this to their judging panel.

An immersive experience.

On the day of the live stream, Programs will be provided with a link to watch the live stream. Throw a watch party or enjoy the event from the comfort of your couch – no lines, parking or icy venues!

Safe & secure, as always!

After the event, routines will be available as normal on Cheercast, with only authorised members of their program able to access their routines.

Instructions & support articles for Cheercon’s virtual events

Filming your routines

Learn more about our preferred file formats, settings and recommendations for filming your routines.

How to upload your pre-recorded routines

An in depth article that outlines the process for programs to upload their routines to us.

Watching a Cheercon live stream

Where to get the password and how to watch the live stream of a Cheercon virtual event.

All of Cheercon’s virtual competitions