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Cheercast Virtual

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to disrupt Cheer & Dance events around Australia, our team at Cheercast are committed to providing a wide variety of virtual services to ensure EPs can continue to provide high quality competitions, Australia wide.

We’re excited to continue partnering with EPs across the country to deliver both hybrid and virtual competition formats.

What are we doing in 2021?

Virtual & hybrid options

In addition to the Virtual Events that EPs continue to provide to support our industry, some events in 2021 will be allowing programs from around Australia to compete in their live competitions remotely via our hybrid event technologies.

Virtual judging services

To ensure world class judging from many of the best judges from around Australia and the world, Cheercast is providing a variety of virtual judging services at competitions all around Australia this year. 

Live event streaming

Cheercast will also continue to provide event streaming to select competitions that have hybrid components or where there is specific need for streaming.

Safe & secure, as always!

Like all of our other services, Cheercast will ensure routines are kept safe and live streams will only be available to those allowed by the EP, via one of our secure access methods – no public Youtube links here!

Who is running Virtual Events on Cheercast this year?

Virtual Judging


Virtual Judging


Virtual Judging


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